The Making of a Masterpiece
3D Motion for Dalmore

For this campaign, “The Making of a Masterpiece”, we were briefed to create an elegant film celebrating the richness and depth of Dalmore 18 Year Old Whisky. The film was to evoke the feeling of “liquid dancing in the sunlight,” and of beautiful “chaos” within that long process of aging. Sunlight was a strong theme throughout.


Using the 3D software Houdini, we began experimenting with how to simulate the right blend of chaos and control. The play of computer-generated light through falling liquid is a complex feat that can’t always be finished in advance of an edit, so we decided to work on two animations simultaneously: one a summer storm of sunlit malt, the other an orderly animatic to establish the speed and feel, and to bring in Dalmore’s heritage stag’s head logo. This allowed us to create interesting splashes and shapes, while still bringing the dance of chaos back into the form of a bottle in the end. “The Making of a Masterpiece” is a sparkling waltz of liquid and light; a still life thrown into motion through time and space.


Photographer: Jonas Lindstroem

Post Production: Studio Private